Posted by: KJSmyling | July 25, 2009

Twitter Tales LXIX

#twittertales When the body in the hole turns out to be wearing the watch of a dead man he’d never met, you’d better start asking questions.

Posted by: KJSmyling | July 24, 2009

Twitter Tales LXVIII

#twittertales Confusion is a state of mind, and Sue was definitely in a state. Her body racked with pain, her mind full of dreams of babies.

Posted by: KJSmyling | July 23, 2009

Twitter Tales LXVII

#twittertales Polishing the largest chalice the Priest knew that there would be only half a dozen at Mass, but it promised to be a long day.

Posted by: KJSmyling | July 22, 2009

Twitter Tales LXVI

#twittertales It was only a fleeting movement, a shadow, a ghost at an upstairs window, but May knew who it was. She had given birth to him.

Posted by: KJSmyling | July 21, 2009

Twitter Tales LXV

#twittertales It was the kind of day where hot winds rolled down off the hills raising the town’s stress levels. It would be a steamy night.

Posted by: KJSmyling | July 20, 2009

Twitter Tales LXIV

#twittertales Forty years ago, she’d sat on the floor in the orphanage’s TV room watching Neil’s first step. Now May was ready to take hers.

Posted by: KJSmyling | July 19, 2009

Twitter Tales LXIII

#twittertales Sunday they say, is a family day. Jim was learning about family. He’d lost more of them in the past weeks than he knew he had.

Posted by: KJSmyling | July 18, 2009

Twitter Tales LXII

#twittertales It greeted him like an old friend, warm, welcoming, forgiving. Rod pulled up a chair, poured a glass, took a sip, and said hi.

Posted by: KJSmyling | July 17, 2009

Twitter Tales LXI

#twittertales The gaps between the words can be more important than the words themselves and May, the Sheriff noted, had left some big gaps.

Posted by: KJSmyling | July 16, 2009

Twitter Tales LX

#twittertales Five nights ago he’d appeared in her bedroom. Lucy watched as Peter ate breakfast. So who was lying on the cold mortuary slab?

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