Posted by: KJSmyling | March 31, 2009

Returning Back to Home

Got to get up at 2.30am… the boy is heading for the Big Apple… so here’s an oldie…



Returning back
Cross corn yellowed fields,
Beneath hot summer sun,
The fat black,
Straight backed,
Carrion crow
Sits at my shoulder.
Red flashed,
Beak blooded,
Talon gripped,
It rips at sinew
And saws through bone,
As I return
Looking for my home.
Away with you,
You skanky beast,
You’ll get dead rabbit on me suit
I’ve just had it cleaned
It cost me One and Nine,
Away, away I say.
Leave my garden and my home,
And take that dead rabbit with you.




    This SHOULD bring up a link for the Poem-A-Day writers digest contest. (Sounds like you can get a copy of an ebook, a badge and a certificate???)

    If not — let me know and I’ll email it to you!

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