Posted by: KJSmyling | March 26, 2009

The Ballad of Aunt Jemima

Dear Aunt Jemima love to roam,
She was, in fact, rarely home.
Then on her travels she had a trip,
And did some damage to her hip.
This put a halt to her vacations,
To see the world and all its nations,
Until she bought an electric chair
That took her here and dropped her there.
She rode about the countryside,
Visiting cities far and wide,
She hunted out the tourist traps
Armed with her Ordnance Survey maps.

One day she rose at crack of dawn,
It was a very foggy morn,
With visibility so low
She got confused, which way to go?
What happened next we cannot say,
She turned onto the motorway.
She faired quite well for many yards
Dodging vans and speeding cars,
But a truck appeared and just like that
Poor Aunt Jemima was squashed quite flat.

That is how the old girl died,
Twelve feet long and five feet wide.
In an envelope they folded her,
Her last remains to inter.
The funeral was a grand affair,
With all her friends and family there.
They raised a glass and made a toast,
Then popped her in the first class post.

So still she travels far and wide,
From Wollongong to East Kilbride.
Should you see her, wish her well,
Then pack her off with DHL.




    Thought you might get a kick to read about our Aunt Jemima here. 🙂

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