Posted by: KJSmyling | March 5, 2009

Clerihew III

Harriet Harman
Wished she was a Shaman
So whilst at the dispatch box
Poor William she could outfox

William Hague
Is really quite vague
Thought fourteen pints would make him a laddo
When in fact he’s always been a shadow



  1. Nice ones. I like throwing down the odd gauntlet, and you’ve responded in style.

    Love the laddo/shadow lines.

  2. Cheers

    I nearly took the rest of the day off when I came up with that rhyme/double meaning 🙂

  3. Feel like I’m trying to decipher a code with these two…since I’ve no clue who they are. I’m going to make a guess on Hague that he is/was a spy….LOL…

    Guess I’ll have to google….

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