Posted by: KJSmyling | January 31, 2009

Jesus is a Cowboy

Long day at work and full of cold so I’m cheating by posting a poem I wrote a while back

Jesus is a Cowboy

Jesus is a cowboy route-95
Lives on a trailer park,
Came across the border
One evening after dark,
Made it past the Minutemen
Headed north on route nine-five,
Stopped off for a beer and beans
Thanked god he was alive.

Got a job at a parkin’ lot
Cross the other side of town,
Washing cars for Mr Smith
And hosing pick-ups down,
Spent his days a’dreamin’
About the open plains,
A thousand head of cattle
And a mustang on the reins.

Met a girl named Mary
She danced atop a bar,
She’d set her sights on La-La Land
Promised to go far,
They spent all of their money
Buyin’ shit to fill her veins,
And while she shivered on the bed
He held a mustang on the reins.

She died atop a gurney
Dancin’ to the last,
In the ambulance they’d strapped her down
Until the fitting past,
He’d held her hand and prayed for her
Until she danced no more,
Then he grabbed her few belongings
And headed for the door.

Jesus is a cowboy
Lives on a trailer park,
Came across the border
One evening after dark,
Spends his nights drinking whiskey
And playing wishin’ games,
Mary sat beside him
And a mustang on the reins.


  1. LOL – now you’re using one of my tricks (posting something from a while back! 😉 )

    What was the inspiration for this one?

    What kind of work do you do – are you recovered or still under the weather?

    Okay — too many questions — LOLOLO — have a great rest of the weekend!

  2. Still snuffling and sneezing… 😦

    The song was actually inspired by an incident at work…

    After many years as a house-husband (my wife is the clever one with the real job) I now work on the checkout at a local supermarket. One day a young man came in with long hair, beard, and long robes, not as weird as it sounds because of where we live we get a lot of Roman, through to Medieval, re-actment societies doing their stuff at the local castle, thing is though he had on a checked flannel shirt and cowboy boots…

    The first two lines wrote themselves there and the rest i a half hour tea break later in the day 🙂

  3. Unless you have a sinus infection – you have about two days to go on the snuffling,sneezing stuff! Trust me….I have a lot of experience with this! 😦

    Would you believe I once owned a convenience store. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone — except maybe the employees that use to steal from us, and call in sick because it was Friday, and the customers that wrote bad checks…

    Bitter…nah, I’m not bitter…..


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