Posted by: KJSmyling | January 28, 2009

4 in the Morning


Photo by: fatcontroller

The day begins with Humphrys’ voice,
It rouses me from restless sleep.
I hit the snooze, he disappears,
Ten minutes more before I rise.

The kitchen now, the kettle clicks
I drop a teabag in a mug.
James Naughtie interviews a thug,
A minister who’s in a fix.

I eat my toast and swallow lies,
That fill my belly with their fears.
I hear the bleating of the sheep,
Who’ve no idea they have a choice.

Bombarded daily by the news,
No wonder we all have the blues.



  1. Sheep? LOL…

    You mentioned the national forests – you aren’t near Sherwood forest are you?

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