Posted by: KJSmyling | January 24, 2009

Long Stretching- a piece of nonsense

Laying back
On waves,
Crested with euphoria,
Long wasted
Endless blue dysphoria,
Stretching past the words
Held black
In regimented columns,
Tight close
In monotype.

Filled with the meat
Lumpen with the starch,
Boiled grey,
Coated with browning.

The wireless
Crackles and pops,
Waiting for the call
That ends the void,
Stretching between
Spotted Dick
And tinned ham.

The mantle ticks
And tocks,
Dropping moments
Into the space,
Long stretching
For the toll of Evensong.

The old maids
Hats pinned
Pass by the window
Atoning for their sins,
Long stretching
Till that day of judgement.



  1. Who’s the photo of – looks familiar???

    Great job on the poetry this week! 🙂

  2. An English comedian and actor, Tony Hancock (1924-1968)

    There is an episode of his radio show called, “Sunday Afternoon at Home” which sort of inspired the poem with a hint of Larkin/Elliot for that 1950’s morbidity 🙂

  3. a perfect description of Tony Hancock’s personality.
    Love the mood.

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