Posted by: KJSmyling | January 3, 2010


This journey has ended but a new one has begun

Join me, it’s going to be fun 🙂


Posted by: KJSmyling | September 2, 2009

Hello…. Goodbye….


So it’s exactly a month since I made my last post. I did continue with the Twittertales for the first week of my holiday but then I realised something, they and indeed this blog had served it’s pupose.

It had got me writing everyday and it had got me thinking about how I wrote. When you’re trying to make sense with 140 characters you have to make sure that every word, every punctuation mark, every space, is earning its pay.

So folks it’s time to move on. I’m off, to work on a novel I’ve had the first four chapters for, for about six years, it’s time to finish it. It’s a modern day Gothic thing set in Brussels.

I’ll still be about on twitter and who knows I may resurrect this blog at some point.

Until then have fun, read the stuff here and comment if you like, I’ll still be keeping an eye on this place.


And thanks to all of those who have taken the time to read and comment in the past.


Posted by: KJSmyling | August 2, 2009

Vacation Time… :)

I’m off on me Hol’s so this blog won’t be updated for the next two weeks…

However… I will still be writing the #twittertales which I will continue posting via my cell phone, here hopefully 🙂

See you in two weeks… and don’t try anything… My cats are keeping an eye on the place for me…

Posted by: KJSmyling | August 1, 2009

Twitter Tales LXXVI

#twittertales Lucy had never left the county let alone the country but the email had said, The Tor @ dawn. So she booked a flight to the UK.

Posted by: KJSmyling | July 31, 2009

Twitter Tales LXXV

#twittertales When the Canon calls to say he’s popping over for coffee and a chat about the parish, you better hope he’s not primed to fire.

Posted by: KJSmyling | July 30, 2009

Twitter Tales LXXIV

#twittertales He smothered the steak in rich sauce. Tomorrow, by order of the Holy Father, would be fish. He wondered if duck still counted.

Posted by: KJSmyling | July 29, 2009

Twitter Tales LXXIII

#twittertales Wet Wednesday, Mrs Paterson’s funeral. Afterwards it would be dry ham and sweet sherry. He wished it was the other way around.

Posted by: KJSmyling | July 28, 2009

Twitter Tales LXXII

#twittertales It had taken him 5 minutes to think of a username, he settled on BadShepherd666, now to get some followers and start tweeting.

Posted by: KJSmyling | July 27, 2009

Twitter Tales LXXI

#twittertales The familiar piano chords crashed into his headphones, he waited for Geldof’s voice. He disliked Monday, too many confessions.

Posted by: KJSmyling | July 26, 2009

Twitter Tales LXX

#twittertales May couldn’t afford to get ill. She emailed her UK pal for Tamiflu. Over there they were giving it away on the street corners.

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